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About Us

Owner Michael Dion has been a General Contractor for approximately 30+ years.  As a General Contractor/Carpenter he has been involved with all aspects of the construction industry.   In 2006 got Certified to perform home inspections.  Michael is a member of NACHI(National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) www.nachi.org   as well as MeCHIP's (Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals). www.mechips.org 
These are two organization that Michael feels strongly about, because they provide additional courses that are helpful in the home inspection business.  New products are constantly coming out and these courses provide Michael with knowledge and understanding of how they work.

As a self employed contractor Michael enjoyed working with people to give them the end results, of a fine looking home or renovation.   Michael has always worked hard to provide his customers with exactly what they were looking for.  With the background that Michael has and contacts that he has made throughout his career, he has ample sources for potential issues that may need fixing or guidance.   The resources that Michael has goes beyond the inspection report.  He has had hands on with older homes and is knowledgeable of the new products being used to build today.

Today Michael takes that same path at providing services of a quality home inspection for his customers.   Buying a home is one of the biggest investment that a person will make. No one should go at this alone, get the help needed and have confidence and leverage when negotiating with sellers.

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